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Rental Period: The Depot and surrounding areas are available for rental from 7:00 am – 1:00 am

Booking Policy: The Railroad and Heritage Museum will book all events at the Santa Fe Depot. Events are booked into the Santa Fe Depot on a first request basis. Lessees requesting to hold dates will be allowed seventy-two (72) hours to confirm. The dates will automatically be released without notification after the 72 hours period. One-time events and     recurring events may be booked one year in advance. All events are given tentative status until a signed contract is received and the rental rate is paid. Contract and fees must be returned and paid by date specified on contract, or risk the loss of date. Receipt of signed contract and payment of fifty percent (50%) of total rental rate will secure a date. Total rental rate is to be paid in full a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to event date. The Railroad and Heritage Museum Director has discretion to book any event regardless of dates and may require any event prepay all items before the date of event. All post event fees will be due immediately upon receipt of invoice. The Lessee is provided an information packet which includes the Rental Policies, the Fee Sheet and the Use Permit. All one-time events (quinceañeras, weddings, receptions, etc.) are required to pre-pay all expenses before the event. A $250.00 cleaning and facility deposit may be required. This deposit will be returned to the customer after the event when the facility is left in proper order and there are no additional rental hours to be charged.

Refunds: The Lessee will be given the option to reschedule the cancelled event on a date within one year of the contracted event date with no penalty assessed. Should the Lessee choose not to reschedule and a refund be granted, an administrative fee of ten (10) percent of the total rental cost will be assessed. The remaining ninety (90) percent may be refunded at any time if the Museum has not received requests for the same date(s) and has not incurred any costs related to the event. If the Museum has received requests for the date(s) and has lost potential business because of lack of availability, a written explanation of uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. death, divorce, etc.) will be required in order to receive a ninety (90) percent refund. If the cancellation is received 6 months or more in advance of the event, a fifty (50) percent refund, within three (3) to six (6) months of the event, a twenty five (25) percent refund, with no refunds granted within three (3) months of the event. In the event that the Museum is forced to cancel an event due to uncontrollable circumstances, a full refund will be granted. Any costs incurred by the Museum in support of a cancelled event will be deducted from the refunded amount. Refunds are processed immediately through normal City of Temple refund procedures with the approval of the Museum Director. Provided all fees have been paid, there is no damage to the facility and all rules and regulations are followed, the cleaning and facility deposit will be refunded after the event. All refunds will be approved by the Museum Director.

Event Diagram: An event diagram consisting of all set-up requirements and a Fire Marshal’s candle permit must be provided to the Rental Coordinator ten (10) days prior to the event.

Candle Usage: A permit must be secured from the Temple Fire Marshal at least ten days before your event and         the Museum Coordinator must receive a copy of the candle permit at this time. Pleasecall 254.298.5682,       When candles are being used, no plastic tablecloths can be used and all tablecloths must have been treated with a   flame-retardant chemical.

Decorations: Nothing may be hung from the light fixtures. Light fixtures are too delicate for hanging decorations. Scotch™ (or any other brand) “magic” or low residue tape is the only type of tape permitted for attaching decorations to the facility walls and floors. Staples, tacks, all types of glue and nails are not permitted for attaching decorations. Flower petals may not be thrown on the marble floors. Particulate decorations, such as glitter and confetti are not permitted in the building or on the grounds. Birdseed is permitted outside only. All table decorations must be non-combustible. All fire exits and aisles must be clear and unobstructed at all times. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to take down all decorations at the end of their event and remove from the Depot. The Santa Fe Depot will not be responsible for any item(s) left unattended in the building.

Custodial Services: The Santa Fe Depot provides normal custodial services including setup and tear down for the event. We will charge $50 per hour per man for any clean up deemed to be excessive after the event is over to include the kitchen, restrooms and floors.

Move-In/Move-Out: The Lessee or an authorized representative must remain in the facility from the move-in time until the move out is complete. The Museum will assume no responsibility for items left unattended. The facility must be cleared and vacated by the stated ending time and all trash placed in the provided containers. No items are to be left in the building after the rental. If using a caterer, the Lessee is responsible for the setup and tear down time used by them.

Food & Drink: Food and drink are allowed in the facility. If catering is desired, prior arrangements may be made with the caterer of your choice. No leaking beverage containers are allowed. Coolers must be carried, not dragged across the lobby floor. Any damage to marble floor is the responsibility of the Lessee and will be charged accordingly.

Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted in the building, but only the Lessee is allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the Depot for consumption. You may not have a cash bar without a permit, and it is the Lessee’s responsibility to secure all appropriate alcohol permits. No alcoholic beverages should be consumed or served outside the Santa Fe Depot building; nor should they be consumed inside the Depot before 11:00 a.m.

Smoking: The Santa Fe Depot is a non-smoking facility, per City of Temple ordinance.

Security: The Santa Fe Depot will provide one (1) staff member to be available during the event. If additional security is needed, it will be the Lessee’s responsibility to provide the additional security. The Museum Coordinator will determine security needs for all events. The Lessee will be held responsible for the facility and guests during the rental session.

Photography: Lessee may be asked for permission by a Depot staff member to photograph the decorations of the event being held for Santa Fe Depot marketing purposed. If the Lessee agrees, he or she releases all claim to the photographs, and gives permission to the Santa Fe Depot to use and publish those photographs for the benefit of the Depot.

Cage Area: The cage area cannot be used for any purpose—it is an office.

Outdoor Usage: Use of outside areas must be approved by the Museum Director or Museum Coordinator prior to the event.

Gazebo Area: The area around the Gazebo is maintained by the City of Temple. Lessee is responsible to maintain the area around the gazebo to include trash, weeds and grass.