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Santa Fe #3423 at the Railroad and Heritage Museum


One of the most exciting exhibits at the Railroad and Heritage Museum is our collection of rolling stock, located outside the depot building.  Displayed along the main railroad lines that come into Temple, Texas, this historic railroad equipment can be seen while watching today’s trains roll by. Begin your exploration at the 1921 Pacific Type Baldwin steam locomotive, Santa Fe #3423. Visitors can climb aboard, ring the bell and imagine what travel was like in the days of steam. From there, walk along the troop sleeper, the 1913 Pullman sleeping car named the “Clover Glade”, and the lightweight silverside sleeper “Pine Mesa”.


1913 Pullman Sleeper called the "Clover Glade"


At the east end of the Rolling Stock exhibit visitors can enjoy exploring one of the oldest surviving Santa Fe diesel locomotives, the Santa Fe #2301, built in 1937. Compare this to the more modern diesel, behind and slightly to the left, the Santa Fe #1680. The east end of the exhibit is also home to three cabooses and a boxcar. For more information about the rolling stock, please see our interpretive brochure.

Rolling stock at the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum