General Exhibits

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General Exhibits

The museum offers a variety of exhibits relating to life in early Temple, as well as the history of the railroad. Using images from the museum’s archives, as well as audio reproductions, the exhibits provide multiple layers of interpretation and provide guests with a number of discussion points.



Harvey Exhibit

The Harvey House exhibit details the life and legacy of entrepreneur Fred Harvey, who along with his Harvey Girls, helped to civilize the American West.  Exhibit includes objects from the restaurants as well as the dining cars that Fred Harvey operated for the Santa Fe Railroad, and also uses images from the Temple Harvey House and other restaurants along the Santa Fe line.



Santa Fe Hospital Exhibit

In 1891 the Santa Fe Railroad opened the doors of the first Santa Fe Hospital in Temple, setting in motion a series of events that eventually lead to the establishment of Scott & White Hospital. The Santa Fe Hospital exhibit explores the early days of medicine in Temple and provides visitors with a look into the vital relationship between the city, the railroad and the practice of medicine in Central Texas.



Lantern Exhibit

Museum guests young and old delight in the colorful lights of the Railroad Lantern exhibit. Learn how railroaders used lanterns to ensure the safety of the community, as well as fellow employees, and see how as technology evolved, so too did the railroad lantern.