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Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum

Completed in 1911, the historic Santa Fe Depot houses the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum and a working Amtrak Station. The Temple, Texas museum explores the history of the railroad and topics relating to local and regional history. The museum also regularly hosts changing temporary exhibits and educational programming. The museum’s collection of railroad equipment is displayed on the grounds, including three locomotives, railroad passenger cars, and cabooses on static display. Restoration work on this rolling stock collection is ongoing. The Santa Fe Depot is located next to an active railroad yard, where railfans can observe daily operations and traffic of the BNSF and Amtrak.

Our Beginnings

The Railroad and Heritage Museum was founded in 1973 to collect, preserve and exhibit the history of the railroads and local history of Central Texas. The original collection was housed in the 1907 Moody Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe depot. In 1996, an ISTEA grant for renovating the Temple Santa Fe depot, which had been vacated by the railroad and was destined for demolition, was applied for and received. Three years later, in 1999, work on the restoration began. Dedication of the restored depot took place on July 8, 2000. This beautifully restored depot is now the home of the museum.


The Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum inspires visitors to discover our rich railroad heritage and the technological history that shaped our community in the past and today.


The vision of the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum is to be the educational destination for our community to explore its past and present and to serve as a national research resource for the history of the Santa Fe Railroad and the railroads of Texas.

Guiding Values

The Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum aspires to these values:

Education We put education at the core of our museum and seek to engage our audience in learning opportunities that are enriching, enjoyable, and authentic.
Excellence We offer a high quality experience to our audience and meet high museum standards.
Integrity We are open, truthful, and transparent. We make decisions that are ethical, fair, and respectful of all.
Service We are responsive to the needs of our audience and are a valued cultural resource for our community.
Stewardship We are responsible stewards for the historical resources in our care.